Trauma and Crisis Informed Peer Support (TIPS)

Here at Brave Wings Trauma and Crisis Informed Peer Support, you will be welcomed with open arms and an empathetic heart. Services provided include one on one Trauma Informed Peer Mentor sessions, where we will not only break down your trauma but break through it. Peer support groups and calls are available with video, audio only or text on Zoom or Skype. I will be starting small closed online groups, to create communities of people who can learn new coping skills and learn to better support themselves and others. I will be mentoring and monitoring the group sessions. Pricing ranges from $10 weekly for group sessions and $15 for individual sessions. I will be implementing a pay what you can scale, to try and provide support and care, which should available for all, without having to incur an enormous debt

As compared to traditional talk therapies, Trauma and Crisis Informed Peer Support brings forward the concept of healing alongside a fellow survivor; someone who can empathize with you, while also providing validation and compassion from the viewpoint of both a peer and a trained mentor.

As a Trauma and Crisis Informed Peer Mentor,  we will work together to set attainable goals in order for you to achieve the life you deserve and desire. I also provide education and coping techniques for trauma triggers, crisis moments and your recovery goals. Unlike a clinical therapist, I am able to and will share my personal experiences, so my clients know they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings. Mentors help their clients shift their thinking in order to replace those negative thoughts and coping mechanisms with a new, healthier perspective and a new toolbox of coping techniques. Doing this work can cause a shift in how you view yourself, and the world.

Brave Wings Trauma and Crisis Informed Peer Support (TIPS) provides the support you need, at a price you can afford, without the constraints of traditional therapy. I will meet you where you are in your healing journey, and together we can formulate a plan to achieve the future you deserve.

Both the first week of group sessions, and your first individual consultation are FREE.

Message me at for further information on how to reserve your spot.

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  1. Davina Lytle - Reply

    This sounds absolutely incredible Jody, especially the fact that it’s online. Being online means I can heal without going out so there’s no stress about getting to an appointment and no Uber charges! Not only that, the cost is so low, that I won’t have to drop out halfway through because I’ve run out of money and can’t afford to continue. The best thing about your peer support is that I’m going to be healing in the comfort of my own home and that means I won’t have to even get a shower, let alone get out of my p.j.’s if I’m having a difficult day …when does it start? 🙂

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