A Compelling Letter from Death

I have traveled the world from coast to coast, over and over since the beginning of time. I have seen the blessings and the sufferings of all mankind. I’ve seen the souls of men, women, and children through war, disease, and famine. I have no sense of discrimination or bias. I do not judge.  I know not of religion, race, age, or culture. Wealth does not influence me. It doesn’t matter how much time you have had, or what you have or haven’t accomplished. Upon the time of my arrival, you are all on an equal playing field. At some point, you all will have to face me. Our meeting is inevitable. It is fate.

Allow me to introduce myself… my name is Death.

I have a thousand faces. I come disguised in forms you may recognize, and many others you cannot imagine. I am called to collect the souls that are loved, and the ones who are forgotten. I pick up the leftovers of the damage mankind has caused to itself; war after war, century after century. I’ve gathered souls of the innocent and naïve and people so heinous there are no words.

I have watched the greed of mankind lead to millions of souls being taken early from starvation and disease, all for profit. I have seen the damage humans are willing to do to each other over the smallest of things, and I am there to pick up whatever is left. I have forever been left saddened over collecting the souls of those who have departed too early; those of the children who never had the chance to grow and develop and live a life. Those who were not given a chance and their imminent meeting with me came long before it was due.

I have seen the beauty as well. I have seen the kindness and generosity that is possible.  I have seen things in their purest forms. I have watched strangers help one another with no expectations, and loved ones support each other during the most trying times. I have watched love bring together, people whose paths undoubtedly would never have crossed had it not been for this serendipitous connection. I have watched the weak fight and rise above their struggles, and the strong reach a hand out to help. I have watched others share with the poor, and the poor share with the poorer. I have observed altruism from humans extending to every living creature, from one corner of the world to the other. I have watched the innocence of children spread joy and laughter across the seas.

I am coming for you when it is your time, but I implore you not to call me early. I beg you not to take matters into your own hands, regardless of the darkness that you feel and the loneliness that seeps deep into your soul. I ask you to think twice, three times, or a million times if needed, before snuffing out the flame that represents your life. I will do that for you in due time.

I have seen lives turned around in a matter of moments or perhaps years, but the one constant is that everything changes.  Nothing remains the same. The seas rise and lower, the mountains shift. Your situation will change, the circumstances will change, your emotions will change and you will change. What may seem impossible to face now will eventually be a memory; a stepping stone in your climb up to the light. You may not see it now but your life is a one-time gift. I plead with you to hold on to it like the rare treasure it is. I come for too many souls who have no choice, but maybe you do.

So, do not seek me out.

We will unite when the time is right.

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