Trauma and Crisis Informed Coaching and Peer Support

Here at Brave Wings Trauma and Crisis Informed Coaching and Group Peer Support you will be welcomed with open arms and an empathetic heart.  I am  Trauma Informed and Crisis Certified, but most importantly, I too am a survivor, and I am on my own healing journey, sharing my thoughts and experiences to allow others to know they are not as alone as they feel. I provide private Trauma and Crisis Informed Coaching sessions, as well as dedicated Peer Support groups where we meet three times weekly. We will work together to not only break down your trauma but break through it.

I will meet you wherever you are in your healing journey, and together we will learn new coping skills, and how to implement them in your life. We will work on ending the self-blame and shame that trauma survivors often experience.  I will be healing right alongside you, as well as providing empathy, information and a safe, non-judgemental space. We can meet as often as you wish, and each session will be one hour long, and I will make myself available to support you in times of crisis outside of our appointment hours.

Brave Wings also hosts peer support groups, where we meet three times weekly for 40 minutes. The groups are kept small and are hosted in a closed and private chat room via invitation only. All people are screened before they can join the group, in order to preserve the integrity and safety of the group.

All sessions are hosted on the Zoom platform, which if you have not used before, is really as simple as clicking a link and following along with the next steps. Zoom allows for video and audio, audio only, or text in the chatbox. My vision is to provide online peer support groups and try to create communities of people who are dealing with any type of trauma and have similar thoughts and feelings which affect their daily lives. We will learn new coping skills and how to implement them, and we won’t stop looking until we find what works for you. We will work together to set attainable goals to help you achieve the life you deserve and desire.

You are worthy of support and understanding, and I cannot emphasize that enough. My wish is for the groups to help people better support themselves and each other. 

I have implemented a pay what you can scale, to encourage more people to reach out. I believe mental health support and care should available for all, without having to incur financial distress.  Doing this work will provide a new, healthier perspective and a new toolbox of coping skills. These small changes add up and help to shift how you view yourself and the world.I help because I can and because it helps to know you don’t have to travel this journey alone. I look forward to walking beside you.

Message me at for any further information, to set up a session, or to join a group.

Stay strong and be well.



  1. Donna Hudson - Reply

    I have been working with Jody for a couple of months. She has given me some helpful tips, in moving ahead on my healing journey. Jody, is a qualified Trauma and Crisis worker. I have also been in several group session’s with her.
    She is passionate about helping others, and is honest about the work you will need to do.

  2. Davina Lytle - Reply

    This sounds absolutely incredible Jody, especially the fact that it’s online. Being online means I can heal without going out so there’s no stress about getting to an appointment and no Uber charges! Not only that, the cost is so low, that I won’t have to drop out halfway through because I’ve run out of money and can’t afford to continue. The best thing about your peer support is that I’m going to be healing in the comfort of my own home and that means I won’t have to even get a shower, let alone get out of my p.j.’s if I’m having a difficult day …when does it start? 🙂

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