Trauma-Informed Coaching and Crisis Peer Support


Jody Betty is a Trauma-Informed Coach and a Certified Crisis Responder, with the skills to help people through the heightened period of their suicidal crisis. She provides validation and compassion from the viewpoint of both a leader and a peer, guiding people through a heated emotional crisis to a period of cool down and safety. 

 Many people find this less formal type of support helpful, instead of, or in addition to conventional talk therapies, or simply if you cannot afford a traditional therapist. Coaches do not diagnose or prescribe treatments or medications. 

As a Trauma-Informed Coach, Jody helps set attainable goals with her clients in order for them to achieve the life they desire. She provides education about trauma, crisis, and recovery, and unlike a clinical therapist, is able to share personal experiences, to let her clients know they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings. 

Jody helps clients shift their thinking in order to replace those negative thoughts and coping mechanisms with new, healthier perspectives and a new toolbox of coping techniques, thereby causing a shift in how they view both themselves and the world. Jody’s empathy, understanding, and knowledge have helped countless people work through their trauma to live happier, more fulfilled lives. Let go of the trauma with qualified help and understanding.

Contact Jody to discuss which services would help you the most.

Services provided include: 

  • Individual Coaching sessions, where we will not only break down your trauma but break through it. (Zoom or Skype)
  • Coaching sessions also include emails of support and encouragement, informative handouts, and access to contact me during heightened moments of crisis.
  •  Crisis Peer Support Calls can range from 10 to 15 minutes and are scheduled at your leisure, or can be quickly arranged during a crisis moment.

You can reach me by filling out the contact form

Email me at or contact me on Twitter @startinganew13 for further information, to set up your free consultation, or to register for support.

My rates start at $25 an hour, however, I do work on a sliding scale, which we can discuss on our consultation call.

Stay strong and be well.



  1. Donna Hudson - Reply

    I have been working with Jody for a couple of months. She has given me some helpful tips, in moving ahead on my healing journey. Jody, is a qualified Trauma and Crisis worker. I have also been in several group session’s with her.
    She is passionate about helping others, and is honest about the work you will need to do.

  2. Davina Lytle - Reply

    This sounds absolutely incredible Jody, especially the fact that it’s online. Being online means I can heal without going out so there’s no stress about getting to an appointment and no Uber charges! Not only that, the cost is so low, that I won’t have to drop out halfway through because I’ve run out of money and can’t afford to continue. The best thing about your peer support is that I’m going to be healing in the comfort of my own home and that means I won’t have to even get a shower, let alone get out of my p.j.’s if I’m having a difficult day …when does it start? 🙂

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