Jody Betty Editing and Writing Services

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it until it begins to shine”

-Emily Dickinson-

Words aren’t just words to me. They are a form of art, and I consider myself an artist. I love the way words interplay, bringing characters to life, and emotions to your heart.

They take you on journeys to far off lands, and magical places, and immerse you into a story so intensely, that it feels real.

They are overused and underused, and choosing the right ones can be the difference between a story being read, and a story being felt.

As your editor, my job is to lay my hands on your piece of writing, and make it better, cleaner, and more concise. I am not here to rewrite it, but rather to polish it and make it shine. We will make it the best possible version of itself that it can be.

I provide three types of editing services. You can choose the one that best fits your needs, or package them together to produce the best possible final product. Contact me for any questions or further information. Contact Jody



  1. Line Editing
  2. Copy Editing
  3. Proofreading

Line Editing Pricing

$25/hour for basic Line Editing (5 – 8 pages hourly)

$35/hour for in-depth Line Editing (3 – 5 pages hourly

Flat Rates:

Up to 2000 words – $50

2000 – 4000 words – $80

4000 – 6000 words – $100

6000 words and up – $45 per 2000 words.    

Line Editing Includes:

  • Focusing on word choice, rhythm, syntax, and the overall structure of each sentence.
  • Helping authors keep their sentences powerful and crisp.
  • Examining each sentence for wordiness and ensuring that unnecessary words are removed.
  • Tightening up sentence structure so language is clear and concise.
  • Limited creative feedback on your project.
  • Looking for tense and descriptive inconsistencies.

Copy Editing Pricing

There are three types of Copy Editing: Light, Medium and Heavy.

  • Light Copy Editing: $18/hour (8 – 10 pages hourly)
  • Medium Copy Editing: $21/hour (6 – 7 pages hourly)
  • Difficult Copy Editing: $25/hour (3- 5 pages hourly)
  • Flat rates:
  • Up to 2000 Words – $35
  • 2000 – 4000 Words $50
  • 4000 – 6000 Words $65
  • 6000 words and up $28 per 1000 words.

Special package pricing available for 2 tier editing (Copy and Line).

Copy Editing Includes:

  • Surface level editing.
  • Focuses on grammar, spelling, streamline punctuation and typos.
  • Watches for a shift in tenses, spelling out numbers, or writing them.
  • Substitution of weak words and phrases for more powerful alternatives.
  • Modest Fact-checking and making sure there’s no slander against another.
  • Improving style, formatting, and accuracy.
  • Make new paragraphs to break up long passages.
  • Look for any inconsistencies in the story.

Types of Copy Editing:


  • Double-checking accuracy and taking care of basic grammatical issues.


  • Checking accuracy, all grammatical errors, correcting flow, and re-working some of the text.


  • Double-checking facts, accuracy, grammar, re-structuring some paragraphs, deeper correction of style, flow, and grammar.

Proofreading is the last stage of editing.

 Proofreading services are available on a per project price.



I love to write. It is one of my passions in life. I love how the combinations of specific words can create a story, a character, or even a whole new place. I am enchanted by the way words can flow so smoothly, they can arouse thoughts and emotions, and immerse you into a world other than yours. Or the way that one single word has the power to transform a thought, a sentence, or a chapter.

I have been writing since I was a pre-teen, and I have practiced and studied my craft for decades, which has opened many doors. I am a published author in the best-selling book “Healing the Little Woman Inside”, and have shared a portion of my story in another anthology book “Women Ready to Rise”.

Along with my blog which has over 100 articles, I am also published over 20 times in TheMighty, on Emotionally Naked, as well as on a multitude of other sites worldwide. My article “I Want You to Want to Live” went viral and has over a million views.

If you are looking for a blog, a chapter, or even a book to be written with passion, and integrity, email me at or use the Contact Jody form on this site.