Jody Betty Testimonials

Coaching and Crisis Support

Donna Hudson

I have been working with Jody for almost a year. She has given me some helpful tips, in moving ahead on my healing journey. Jody is a fantastic Trauma Coach and Crisis worker. I have also been in several group sessions with her. She is passionate about helping others, shares her experiences, and is honest about the work you will need to do.

Tammy Reilly

Jody’s life experiences and wealth of knowledge has helped me on numerous occasions during a crisis of any type. I suffer with severe panic attacks and she listens and takes me from a state of panic to a state of calm. She has taught me new coping skills so I don’t reach the point of suicidal crisis. She also has given me numerous handouts with different coping tools that I can refer to at any time. I would definitely recommend Jody for anyone who has experienced trauma, or finds themselves in a suicidal crisis.

Dennis Ellis

I’ve known Jody for a few years now, and I can honestly say that she has listened, supported and helped me many times when I’ve been in dark places. She is the most caring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I love and cherish Jody.

McKenzie Smith

I am 20 years old and wanted to die. When I looked up ways to end my life, your article popped up. I have never read something that touched my heart the way your article did. You saved my life tonight, and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.

Heather Balwin

Thank you for writing such an honest, open, and caring article. I came across it just before I had planned to end my life, and it touched me like no other article has. I have saved it, and printed it out so I have it with me to read every time I am feeling suicidal. Thank you again. You’re an angel.

Editing and Writing

Mike Porath, Founder and CEO of The Mighty

The Mighty has well over 10,000 writers, but few have had the impact of Jody Betty. Her honest and heartfelt stories resonate deeply with our community. Jody’s stories have now been read over a million times. Any organization would be fortunate to have her as a writer or editor. I wrote this article about her.

Anne Moss Rogers, Author, Speaker and Owner of Emotionally Naked LLC and the Emotionally Naked blog

Jody is an excellent writer and proofreader. I had her review one of my eBooks, and she did an excellent job, catching errors that both me and my assistant missed.

Lori George, MSP

Jody’s lived experience and candor regarding her daily struggles resonates with fellow mental health sufferers. Her prolific engagement demonstrates genuine concern for others and is conveyed concisely and clearly in her writings, which gives readers wings to try one more time.

Betsy Ross, Author

Jody really helped me out in getting my third book, Fight 3, published. I didn’t feel judged, which is helpful during the editing process. Her work was painless, quick, and efficient.

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